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about us

SIG believes investing can build a better world.

As the first and only sustainable investing group at UT, SIG is a pioneer in the social impact and finance spaces.


The Sustainability Investment Group (SIG) offers students the opportunity to become leaders in social impact, environmental action, and community investment through their one of a kind curriculum.

SIG operates an Austin based impact investing group that injects in local businesses and startups, as well as a public securities based portfolio. Both of these are managed by students and alumni advisors.


Fellows work on stock pitches and research projects throughout the years. Through projects, lectures and workshops, fellows build a strong foundation in finance and sustainability.


Analysts lead analysis in pitch groups and portfolios. Analysts create research, financial models, and analysis that provides the core of everything SIG does.


Managers lead pitch groups and provide mentorship to fellows and analysts. Having gone through two years of curriculum and provide immense value to SIG.

the sig mission

Provide an impact-centered perspective on investing for undergraduate students

SIG emphasizes how investors can incorporate what have traditionally been considered non-financial criteria in their decisions.

This includes factors like climate risk, environmental sustainability, and even minority representation on boards. Covering both public and private markets, SIG curriculum presents rigorous approaches to business model assessment, valuation, equity selection and portfolio construction. SIG members will gain an understanding of the finance world through the perspective of an individual who wants positive traditional and social ROI, something that is often skipped over in the classroom.


Fellows build an unparalleled foundation in sustainable business.

SIG emphasizes how investors can incorporate what have traditionally been considered non-financial criteria in their decisions.
Sustainable Curriculum

SIG provides fellows with a workshop every week. The focus for fellows is on developing basic knowledge of accounting, financial statements, financial modeling, and statistical analysis. Additionally, SIG creates workshops surrounding green energy, community development, diversity and inclusion, social issues, governance, and other topics that are core to understanding sustainability

Experiences in Impact

In addition to curriculum, fellows are expected to “do”. Fellows participate in ESG stock pitches where they provide research, learn how to model, and evaluate a firm’s impact on the world. Additionally, fellows create weekly market updates that they present to the broader organization. Finally, SIG brings in speakers every other week that have featured topics like space sustainability, hedge fund management, impact measurement, and more. 

Community for Sustainability

SIG is a home for those who care about sustainability and want to learn how to do something with it. Fellows exist as a foundational component of our organization through developing events for SIG, going to SIG socials, and talking at general meetings. Additionally, fellows have a significant opportunity to meet with the large host of SIG faculty advisors, professional advisors, and alumni.

Real World Analyst Experience

Analysts are the backbone of the organization. They provide nearly all of the analysis and utilize fellow research to identify investment trends and strategies. They lead presentations on stocks and aid fellows in picking up the ropes. 

Advanced Impact Curriculum

Analysts learn how to create advanced financial models, measure impact, and evaluate complex climate and engineering problems. At the end of one’s analyst year, analysts are able to evaluate massive systems - like the U.S. and Global energy, foreign policy changes, and social strife - and quantify financial and statistical effects. 

Community for Sustainability

SIG analysts lead social events and attend class mixers. Further, analysts are given the opportunity to specialize in areas they are passionate about, including divestment issues, ESG scoring, and more. SIG provides a path for analysts to take control of their own careers. 


Analysts apply real-world skills that drive their careers.

SIG emphasizes how investors can incorporate what have traditionally been considered non-financial criteria in their decisions.

Representing 16+ Companies

As a testament to the top talent that SIG recruits, we’ve included a list companies that our members have either interned with or are committed to working at full time. From those who work at banks to consulting firms to airlines to the United Nations, SIG members are the best and brightest.