The SIG Community

From fellows to advisors to our Executive Board, every SIG member plays a part in our culture.

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors provides advice for all SIG programs and supports curriculum development.
Kisara Dang - Sustainability Director

Sustainability Director

Claudia Wang - Finance Director

Impact Investing Director


Marketing Director


Culture Lead

Executive Board

Made entirely of students, the Executive Board runs all SIG programming.

Student Advisors

A diverse set of upperclassmen, SIG student advisors advise and support younger SIG members in their careers, classes, and SIG projects.
Harianawala, Arif - Arif Harianawala

Arif is a third year finance major from Acton, MA. He enjoys watching New England Sports, learning Sous Vide cooking, & growing his collection of Pluckers Club points. Arif has interned with Dr. Pepper’s corporate finance department, UTIMCO’s private equity team, & Ares Management's Credit group. He's looking forward to joining PJT Partners in NY this summer.

Headshot - Emily R Brustein

Drawn to the UN SDGs, Emily Brustein is active in the Sustainability Investment Group and mentors aspiring founders in the Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab. Emily has interned at health-care companies, a fintech startup, and Goldman Sachs; she recently consulted for the Texas 2030 Inclusion Challenge and was a VC fellow. Outside of academia, you can find Emily in the kitchen, swimming, or watching MasterClass.

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Linda Duraj is a senior pursuing a degree in Finance and a certificate in Business and Public Policy. Outside of school, her interests include sustainability and business, Ichiran Ramen, Parks and Recreation, and the Houston Rockets. Linda will be joining Goldman Sachs as an investment banking analyst upon graduation and has previous experience in venture capital and politics.

Roopani, Prem - Headshot - Prem Roopani

Prem is a senior pursuing a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics with a certificate in Business and Public Policy. This past summer, he interned in healthcare investment banking at Cain Brothers and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare upon graduation. Outside of school, Prem is passionate about politics, chilled hip-hop, and Bollywood rom-coms.

C7400B4E-2997-4D54-BE1F-D5D0D605314B - Jai M Gandhi

I’m a big finance hardo who loves traveling and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I like listening to Hans Zimmer or anything EDM. Pineapples belong on pizza.

Headshot - Ikenna G Mbah

Ikenna is a Junior majoring in Economics. Last summer he interned at Bank of America in their Global Markets group. This summer he will be a Fundamental Investing intern at D.E Shaw. He spends most of his free time trying to quit school and go pro with Austin FC.


SIG veterans, managers are upperclassmen who organize pitches and support younger members throughout the semester.
BBA students pose for headshots in McCombs Photo Studio on January 24, 2019. Photo by Lauren Gerson DeLeon.

Originally from Mexico City, Clarisa is an accounting major, art history enthusiast, and avid runner. Her experience includes interning at KPMG as well as Alliance Residential. When she's not studying, you can always catch her training for a marathon or at the latest art exhibition.

kalvin beach san francisco sf - Kalvin N Martinez

Kalvin (he/him) is a Senior Finance major and MIS minor with interests in gaming, sports, astronomy, and things that make the world a better place. He interned with JPMorgan Chase in San Francisco and Microsoft from home. He will be working full-time with Microsoft in Seattle starting in Fall 2021. Something funny: Cowboys are the best team in the NFL (with Dak). Reach out for any questions or advice he could help you with!

993A3460 - Heather Worth

Heather has spent a year working on a project to create a water quality database for Coahuila, Mexico; a project that she will likely be working on this summer again. Her interests include diagnosing herself on WebMD, hosting Bachelorette/football watch parties, and going on long walks to discuss (in detail) the architectural designs of her neighbors' houses. Heather is currently learning to juggle. Check back in with her in 2022 to see if she finally finished the Count of Monte Cristo.

CynthiaCastilloPortrait - Cynthia Castillo Capalle

Cynthia is a senior studying Finance and Economics. Last summer, she interned in investment banking at Evercore in New York, where she will be returning full time. Previously, she worked at New Horizon Capital Partners in Austin as a Private Equity intern. Her passions revolve around sustainability, health and wellness, fine arts, and traveling.

8B8AED41-B352-4E6A-8F7A-921D0451FCF4 - Naman J Adenwala

Naman enjoys martial arts, binging sitcoms, and listening to podcasts. He is a Junior majoring in Finance and spent this past summer interning at a private equity in Dallas. Previously, Naman has interned at an energy consulting firm focused on reducing the carbon footprint of commercial buildings.

Dan_Headshot - Dan Meishar

Hi there! My name is Dan, and I'm from San Antonio, TX. My interests include playing soccer and Spikeball, listening to classic rock music, and eating Pluckers. I'll be interning in IB at Morgan Stanley this summer in New York and look forward to enjoying the city!


Comprised of second-year students, analysts conduct all of the analysis used in SIG projects.
D6A4D666-F863-4BBD-BA63-CFBA11821727 - Seann A Dsouza
Seann Aswin

Hello! Currently reading Agatha Christie, watching Knives Out, and probably watching MasterChef Canada.

Cole Hunt - President

Cole is a sophomore business student from Southern California. He is interested in the application and pursuit of sustainability in all parts of society. Never talk to him about record collecting if you don't have a few hours to waste.

5A6BF0BA-3173-4D42-8A5A-1D767B7E81A4 - Ana C Bruton

I’m an environmental science and public relations double major. I enjoy running and hiking on my free time! I love helping make the planet a more sustainable place

MZhangHeadshot - Michelle Zhang

Michelle has been a part of SIG since her freshman year and was part of SIG's impact investing group last semester. Outside of academics, Michelle loves thrift shopping, kayaking, and baking. She also loves exploring Austin–hit her up if you ever want to grab a cup of coffee or chat!

5C24A5B0-DB0D-404A-AADF-7CF2D7F0E355 - Grace Q Nguyen

Grace is a third year Plan II, Finance, and Urban studies major from Houston, TX. She is passionate about impact investing and urban development. Grace previously participated in the Girls Who Invest Program and interned as an investment research intern at Anchorage Capital Group, a credit hedge fund. She loves book stores, road trips, karaoke, and national parks.

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 11.11.47 PM - Donghyun Kim

David is a sophomore in MIS, Business Honors, and Plan II. He enjoys data-driven analysis and has previously interned for a startup in Austin. In his free time, he enjoys hobbies like fitness, PC building, and viola. Please feed him warm food, especially ones containing noodles.

IMG_2701 (1) - Aniket Matharasi

Aniket is a sophomore studying Business Honors and Finance with interests in public policy. He has had previous work experiences in private equity, investment management, and nonprofits. Outside of SIG, some of his dearest pastimes include indulging in Austin’s tacos and barbecue scene, listening to the same ten songs on repeat, playing table tennis, hammocking, and laughing at his own jokes.

TVJB3791 - Dorothy Zhao

Dorothy is a sophomore finance major from Lexington, Massachusetts. Outside of SIG, she loves film photography, drowning fusilli pasta in Rao’s sauce, and getting inspired by celebrities' houses via Architectural Digest's Open Door series. Last summer, she interned at a real estate firm in Boston. Next summer, she will be interning at Certares in New York.

EvanPan_Headshot - Evan Pan

Evan is a second year Business Honors and Government dual major from Tyler, Texas. On campus, Evan is a member of Texas UBC, a student fellow at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, and a research assistant at the IC2 Institute. As a proud Canadian dual citizen, Evan learned to ice skate before he learned to ride a bicycle. Evan's interests include: hazelnuts, hiking, eating hazelnuts while hiking, nuclear disarmament, and anything lychee flavored.

Headshot_2019-2020 - Ameya Singh

Ameya is a sophmore studying finance with an emphasis in sustainability. Outside of studying and working, he enjoys going to local concerts in Austin, chilling outdoors, reading/listening to books and exploring new places. This past summer, Ameya worked at a consulting firm helping small businesses get off the ground and manage the transition to online.

headshot - Nachiket Vamshidhar

Nachiket is a student in the Business Honors Program and the Integrated Master in Professional Accounting Program. He has past experiences in investment banking and private wealth management. In his free time, he likes hiking, kayaking, and learning how to bake. One of the goals he has this semester is to successfully bake a pineapple upside down cake.

86 (2) - Sameen S Rahman

I'm a BHP and Econ major with no idea what I want to do. I love playing soccer, kayaking, hiking, reading, playing the piano, and trying new foods (both meals and desserts). My favorite music artists are The Weeknd, Joji, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna, and I'm also really into 80's music. Finally, my favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99, Stranger Things, Crash Landing on You, and Full House.

F6D0B663-3C56-43E4-8E54-6BEEB7F326C4_1_105_c - Bhavik Reddy

Bhavik is a freshman business honors major from Coppell, TX with an additional interest in finance. Last summer, he interned at the ValCap Group as a real estate analyst. When he's not binging Attack on Titan or Seinfeld, you can find Bhavik arguing that Lebron is better than Jordan or planning his next travel destination.


Each semester, SIG accepts a new cohort of fellows, first-year students looking to build their knowledge in sustainable finance and social impact.
IMG_5188 - Sakshee M Jain

Sakshee is a freshman from Houston, Texas. This past summer she relaxed at home and developed a passion for baking and biking outdoors. Outside of SIG, Sakshee enjoys watching rom-coms, exploring unique restaurants, traveling abroad, and listening to Spotify's auto generated playlists.

2DAA3657-A0F3-4DE2-9A78-25B0F997D48F - anne liu
Anne Liu

Anne likes to hike and stretch in her free time. She is interested in conservation and sustainability, as well as how they are tied to markets and politics.She also has a bunny called Charlemagne who is not a king, but a cute little beggar for cabbage leaves.

Sofia Headshot - Sofia R Chang

Sofia is a first-year majoring in business & Plan II from Sugar Land, Texas. Through her studies, she hopes to leverage the intersections between business & public policy to create social impact. In her free time, she can be found doing New York Times crosswords and watching mediocre rom-coms.