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Applications are due Tuesday, September 5th at 11:59 PM

We are looking for people passionate about sustainability and finance who seek to drive innovation in their field after college.

SIG is a student-led organization that drives sustainability in business through curriculum, research, and investment. 


All roles are open to UT students of any major.  

Open Positions

Both roles are open to any and all majors.

As a fellow, you will be involved in company pitches, research projects, and come out of this position with a solid foundation in business and sustainability. This position requires a 5 – 6 hour weekly commitment. Open to freshman or first years in any and all majors.


Our analyst role is for those looking for a position where they dive into the quantitative elements of finance. You will be able to lead analysis in pitch groups and portfolios. This position will give you a subject matter expertise in sustainability and finance. This position requires a 5 - 6 hour time commitment. Open to sophomores in any and all majors.

Fall 2023 Recruitment Schedule

Info Session #1

Tuesday, Aug. 29th // 5:00 – 6:00 PM // CBA 3.304

Info Session #2

Wednesday, Aug. 28th // 5:00 – 6:00 PM // GSB 3.138

Info Session #3

Thursday, Aug. 31st // 5:00– 6:00 PM // CBA 3.302

Coffee Chat #1

Friday, Sep. 1st // 2:00– 4:00 PM // Dobie Center Food Court

Coffee Chat #2

Sunday, Sep. 3rd // 2:00– 4:00 PM // Dobie Center Food Court

Info Session #4

Tuesday, Sep. 5th // 5:00– 6:00 PM // CBA 3.304

Application Due

Tuesday, Sep. 5th

Group Interviews

Friday Sep. 8th

Individual Interviews

Saturday & Sunday, Sep. 9th & 10th