Internal Groups

SIG members have the opportunity to grow their skillsets through each of these groups.
Impact Investing

Supporting Austin-based small businesses, start-ups, nonprofits, and more.

Public Investing

Managing a SIG fund and conducting org-wide stock pitches on a weekly basis.


Building data-backed reports for education institutions, the Austin community, and SIG itself.

Impact Investing Group

Supporting local small businesses, startups, & non-profits.

Within this fund, you will learn how the private equity and venture capital world works through experiential learning opportunities provided by pitches and more. This group is open only to those that have been in SIG for a year

Help Major Angel Network During Downselection Process

Measure Impact and Theory of Change Models for Small Business in Austin

Build Austin’s Ecosystem for Impact Investing

Public investing group

Pitching equities and managing our fund

Every member starts off as a member of the public investing group.

The public investing group is where you’ll pitch stocks, develop and implement valuation skills, and learn the building blocks of what makes sustainable finance.


Creating proprietary reports for impact groups in Austin.

Available to any SIG member interested in researching a topic in depth.

Everything SIG does is driven by its own research, and this group prepares students to think analytically about big picture problems and engage with individuals all across the Austin impact ecosystem.